Saturday, January 31, 2015

Path of Light Part #3

Elya glanced around the elegent bedroom, "T-this is my room?" She blurted, Emerald giggled and nodded. Emerald knelt by the trunk at the foot of the bed, she pulled out a velvet purple dress with silver accents and a matching silver chain belt, "And your obviously going to need some new clothes, no offense"
Elya stared down at her dirty, thin dress and apron and blushed. "None taken" She said, Emerald handed her the dress, belt, and a pair of black shoes, "Here, put these on, then we'll do something with your hair" Emerald said, Elya giggled stepped behind a curtain to change.

A few minutes later, Elya returned with a smile on her face. "You look beautiful!" Emerald exclaimed. Elya curtsied and laughed.

Emerald lead Elya over to table with a mirror and picked up a hairbrush and started to un-do the long brown brown braid and brush through the long wavy locks.

If it had been Lady Elena, Her daughter, or any other noble lady or princess. Elya would've felt akward and uncomfortable, Actually, if it had Lady Elena or her daughter or any other noble lady, Elya probably would'v been the one brushing.

But Emerald was different, she had been treating her like a sister since before she even set foot in the castle.

Emerald eyes met Elya's in the mirror as she started to braid her hair, "By the way, if you want, you can just call me Emma, I really don't mind" Emerald said with a smile. "First I thought I was supposed to call her 'Your Majesty' then it was 'Emerald', now its Emma? How many names does this princess have?" 
Elya thought. "Done!" Emerald ancouncced as she set the brush down. Elya stred at her self in the mirror, "I look..." She began "Beautiful!" Emerald fineshed for her.


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