Saturday, January 31, 2015

Path of Light Part #3

Elya glanced around the elegent bedroom, "T-this is my room?" She blurted, Emerald giggled and nodded. Emerald knelt by the trunk at the foot of the bed, she pulled out a velvet purple dress with silver accents and a matching silver chain belt, "And your obviously going to need some new clothes, no offense"
Elya stared down at her dirty, thin dress and apron and blushed. "None taken" She said, Emerald handed her the dress, belt, and a pair of black shoes, "Here, put these on, then we'll do something with your hair" Emerald said, Elya giggled stepped behind a curtain to change.

A few minutes later, Elya returned with a smile on her face. "You look beautiful!" Emerald exclaimed. Elya curtsied and laughed.

Emerald lead Elya over to table with a mirror and picked up a hairbrush and started to un-do the long brown brown braid and brush through the long wavy locks.

If it had been Lady Elena, Her daughter, or any other noble lady or princess. Elya would've felt akward and uncomfortable, Actually, if it had Lady Elena or her daughter or any other noble lady, Elya probably would'v been the one brushing.

But Emerald was different, she had been treating her like a sister since before she even set foot in the castle.

Emerald eyes met Elya's in the mirror as she started to braid her hair, "By the way, if you want, you can just call me Emma, I really don't mind" Emerald said with a smile. "First I thought I was supposed to call her 'Your Majesty' then it was 'Emerald', now its Emma? How many names does this princess have?" 
Elya thought. "Done!" Emerald ancouncced as she set the brush down. Elya stred at her self in the mirror, "I look..." She began "Beautiful!" Emerald fineshed for her.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Path of Light Part #2

Emerald sat up a little straighter one her horse as she rode into the peaceful village, smiling at anyone who passed by, She took a deep breath of sweet spring air, In just one month, she was to be crowned Queen, was she supposed to be excited? She didn't know, was she supposed to be happy? She had no idea, was she supposed to be calm and confident? She hoped not.

"And don't let me ever, ever! Catch you sneaking into the woods and neglecting your duties again!" A shrill voice commanded, "Yes...M'lady A small voice said in an annoyed tone. As Emerald rode closer, she saw a tall girl who looked a little younger than herself sigh and walk into the barn behind her.
Emerald silently dismonted her horse and crept into the barn, "You should be grateful, I put up with her so you can live in this nice stable!" the girl scolded her horse, Emerald crept closer, ducking behind another stall,  The girl looked a little younger than herself, long brown hair hung in a braid down her back, a few short wisps partially covered her sky blue eyes, She stroked her beautiful black steed lovingly, "Nice horse" Emerald said, stepping closer, the girl jumped, "Your Majesty!" She exclaimed, She hastily attempted to curtsey but tripped over her skirt and fell on her hands and knees and the stable floor, Emerald tried to hide her giggles as she offered her hand and helped the girl up, "You can call me Emerald, whats your name?" The princess said with a smile, The nervous girl relaxed a bit, "Elya" She said, "What happened back there?" Emerald wondered, motioning to the barn door, Elya sighed, "I work for lady Elena, I get paid a little and me and Tornado get to live in this old barn"
"You mean, 'This nice stable'" Emerald teased, Elya laughed. Emerald stepped closer to Tornado to stroke his ears. "He's a beautiful horse, where'd you get him?" She asked softly. "He belonged to my father" Elya said and looked down at the floor,
That tone, that face, Emerald suddenly understood. "And your father's dead isn't he?" Emerald asked gently. Elya nodded and closed her eyes. "My mother to" She whispered.
Emerald put a hand on Elya's shoulder,"It's ok Elya, I know exactly, what your feeling right now" She said. Elya wiped away a tear and turned back toward her horse, stroking his mane and trying to hide her face.
"Elya!" A voice called, Elya sighed, "Excuse me" She said and started toward the door, "No" Emerald grabbed her arm. "Excuse me." She said. Elya gave her a confused look. Emerald just smiled and descended out into the yard.

A little while later, Emerald hurried back into the barn. "Elya, I have good news and bad news, the good news is, Your coming back to the castle with me! The bad news is, you'll never see Lady Elena again" She said. Elya giggled, "I would much rather be your servant in a castle than spend one more day with her" She replied,  "Elya, your not going to be a servant! Lets just be friends instead, its less complicated" She said. "Maybe for you, but I've never had any friends..." She said. "I just changed that" Emerald replied with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Its's Perfect!"

Hi everyone!
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Path of Light Part #1 (Updated!)

Elya ducked as a flying dagger whizzed passed her and impaled the tree behind her, “That was close!” She thought, the young peasant girl ran through the forest, she was being followed, and she knew it, “What did I do this time? Why am I being chased?” She wondered with a sigh, Elya kept running until a comforting whinny called her, “Tornado!” Sue exclaimed with a sigh of relief. She ran towards the beautiful black stallion waiting for her at the edge of the woods,  “Perfect timing, c’mon boy, lets get out of here!” Elya cried, mounting her horse, she could hear the footsteps of her pursuers close behind her, “Run, Tornado, run!” She screamed. The horse took of across the grassy field, Elya clutched his sleek black mane and leaned into his neck, “Hurry!” Elya urged. She glanced behind her, they had lost there purusers, but not for long.
They reached a stream, without hesitation, Tornado leaped over it.
Once they were on the other side, Elya smiled, “Great job Tornado, you saved me!” She said, stroking her horsed neck, Torando snorted in return, Elya laughed as she slid of her horse and lead him back to the village,
As they neared home, Elya’s smile faded, “I’m going to be in big trouble” She sighed.
Elya had only meant to go for a short walk to get some time to herself, she seldom got away from the village, and when she did, it was only for a short time. And people would hardly notice she was gone.
But today she had been away for to long, it wasn’t her fault she was chased down and almost killed! But it wasn’t going to be easy to explain that…

Elya tried to hide behind her large steed as she walked through the village to the stables, where her precious horse was kept, 

Elya gently brushed Tornado’s blackish gray coat, whispering softly to him, “Elya!” A shrill voice demanded, Elya sighed. “Elya!” a younger voice called, Elya stepped out of the stables and into the open, “Yes?” She called back, “Where where you?” The owner of the stern, shrill voice stormed towards her, followed by a younger girl.
Elya bravely stepped forward, “I…I’m sorry…Ma’am-“ “Mistress!” the woman corrected, Elya stared at the ground, “I’m sorry..Mistress..I was in the forest, and I…” A hand flew towards her face and striked her hard, “I don’t care what you were doing in the forest, If I ever catch you slipping away and neglecting your dutys, there will  be consequences!” She said, she slapped Elya again and stormed off toward one of the largest houses in the village, where Elya worked as a servant to earn enough money to buy food for her horse and herself.


So? What did you think of the first part if my story?
Do you want more? 

I might post more later, but not today, My parents are coming home today! :D There coming home early, but for a sad reason... ;( You can read about it on my mom's blog here

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You Are AMAZING And So Is Your BLOG Award!

Hi everyone reading this post! Guinea Pig Lover nominated me for the You Are Amazing And So Is Your Blog Award! (Wow, Guinea was right, that is a mouthful!)


1. Copy and paste these rules on to your award post.
2. Come up with at least 5 fun questions for your nominees to answer.
3. Nominate at least 5 people who you think are amazing and have an amazing blog.
4. List at least one reason why you appreciate the people you nominated.
5. Put this award on your sidebar or award/tag page if you were nominated.
6. Leave a comment on your nominees' blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

                                               Here are Guinea Pig Lover's questions..
              1. What is your favorite junk food? 
Oreos and pita chips. :) 
2. Are you a tomboy or girlie-girl?
A mix of both, hence my blog name! :D 
           3. What is your favorite post you have done? Like it here: 
Hmm...That's hard! but one of the posts I had lots of  fun doing was This one! :D
4. If you only had 1 hour to live left, where would you live it?
I have no idea. 
              5. Comfort, or uncomfortable fashion?
Comfortable but still cute and stylish! (And of course modest) :D 

         I nominate....
And ANYONE else reading this post!!!

Why I nominated Mikayla...
I love Mikayla's blog, she posts the most amazing pictures that she takes and her posts so unique and  make me smile! :D

Why I nominated Sarah...
Sarah is actually one of the reasons I started my blog in the first place, her blog is very awesome and she always be's herself! :D

Why I nominated Jessica....
Jessica totally deserves this award! One of my favorites of her posts is THIS one! :D

Why I nominated Eve...
Eve's blog is amazing. For 1 thing, her design looks so professional. 2, Her posts inspire me. And 3, she takes  EPIC pictures!  :D

Why I nominated Julia....
Julia's posts are always so creative! I always get excited when I see she wrote a new post! :D

To everyone I nominated and anyone else who wants to do this, answer these questions! ;)

1. If you had to choose one of the places to live, which would you choose?
A humid rainforest treehouse, An abandoned castle, or an underwater cavern? ( where you have to swim underwater to enter but inside theres air)

2. Do you like drawing? :D
3. Favorite drink?

4. Have you watched The Lego Movie? If so, who was your favorite character? :)
| O _O  | <- that was supposed to look like Unikitty....

5. You wake up to find a baby dragon in your bed! What do you do?

6. Describe your dream bedroom! :D

Well, hope you guys have fun with this!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Path of Light. Plot and Characters.

Yes, Path of Light is the title for my story. What do you think?
So....I've decided to do a fantasy/castle type story, you know, with a princess and all that. but this story isn't any old princess/fairytale/Prince Charming story. Nope. this story is going to be different. And origianal, I hope....
                  The main characters name's (At least the ones I have so far) Are Elya, Emerald, and Maya. 
Ages:  17 21 and 15
Emerald: An orphaned princess, soon to be crowed queen.
Nickname: Emma or Emmy
Appearance:  Very, very dark brown hair.  Tealish blue eyes, normal skin.
Personality: Kind, brave, independent. Trying to escape becoming queen.
Interests: Horses, books.

Elya: a friend of the princess, also an orphan, or so she thinks...
Nickname: Doesn’t really have one, sometimes people do call her Ella, though.
Appearance: Long  wavy brown hair, light blue eyes, palish skin. Freckles.
Personality: fun-loving, energectic, doesn’t like to sit around at home when she could be out doing something. Courageous.
Interests: Outdoors. Animals, Adventure.

Maya: A peasant girl with a deep past.
Nickname: Doesn’t have one.
Appearance; Long black hair with bangs, green eyes. tannish skin \.
Personality: Cautious, quiet, shy.

Interests:  Books, though she doesn’t get many chances to read. She also has a gift for archery. which she's unaware of. 

Maya believes she's just a worthless peasant girl with no purpose and no future, just a hard past. when her home is burned and she's injured and left to die,  she's rescued by a mysterious warrior and brought to the princess, as Maya recovers from her wounds, she starts to wonder if there's more to her life, her past, and her future than she thinks. 

So, what do you think? Sound exciting? I really hope I don't mess up with this story, I want it to be good! 

I'll try to get the first part of the story up soon. Bye everyone and have a awesome evening! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Guess Whaaaat?!?!?

Guess what? I'm going to write a story here on my blog, and it's going to a good story, I hope...
I won't have a sceduled time when I post chapters/updates, just whenever, I'll try to keep up with it and post new parts for you guys to read often. :D
More details on the story later. Bye! And sorry for the really short post...

Hannah M. 
because I wanted to try something besides my normal signature...

Monday, January 12, 2015

Interview with Sarah Margaret!

Hi guys! Sarah from Trusting in The Lord Day by Day has agreed to let me interview her!

Hello there! I'm Sarah from Trusting in the Lord day by day. :D You  can read more about me there! Thanks for having me, Hannah! :D
1. What is your dream?
As in a dream I had? Or something I'd like to do in the future? Well, I don't dream so, I'd like to be published among other things!
2. Gummy bears or Jelly beans?
Jelly beans!!
3. What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Hmm..I'm not too crazy like that, but...
4. Would you rather explore castle ruins, or go on a relaxing vacation?
Well, if I were with lots of people I could explore the ruins of a castle, but if I wasn't I'd go on the relaxing vacation. ;) 
5. Do you know any other languages beside's English?
I know a good amount of sign language
6. What is your dream pet?
A chocolate lab!! 
7. If you got stranded on an island and could choose one person to be stranded with, who would it be?
Hmm..someone who is funny..calm..prepared..hey, can I bring myself? ;) Hmm, probably my Dad, he's pretty calm and prepared.
8. Who's your favorite author?
Laura Ingalls Wilder! I've read her books a thousand times! :D 
9. If you could time travel, but only once, ever, where would you go and why?
Oh my, oh my, oh my, I don't really know! 
10. Your walking through the forest and you trip over something, which happens to be the handle to a secret door in the ground, do you open the door and explore what's inside, or do you go one and pretend it never happened?
I'd have to explore it! After I got someone to go with me... ;) I couldn't live knowing I didn't go in!
11. Do you prefer reading books, or writing them?
Uhh, both!
12. If your lost and starving, and all you have to eat is worms, snails, or sticks, which do you choose? Or, would you rather just starve to death?
Oh, that's horrible! I'd...perhaps cook some snails and sticks if I could..that's bad. escargot anyone? 
13. Swim or climb?
Hmm, climb because you can take breaks and rest somewhere.
14. Would you rather go horseback riding on the beach, or skydiving?
Horseback riding on the beach, totally! :D 

Those were really fun questions Hannah! Those were extremely fun questions. :) 

I'm glad you liked the questions Sarah! And thanks for letting me interview you, it was a lot of fun. :D

Life right now.

Do you ever get tired of my random posts?  (or 'ramblings')

I still have Blogger's block, -_-

I'm can't wait for my parents to come home, in three weeks...I'm getting excited to meet my new sister, :D I'm thinking of  buying a Lego set, I'm dreaming of summer, *sigh* Me and my siblings are waiting for something in the mail, :D I've been taking pictures, writing, trying to improve my blog, helping watch the little kids, I'm dreaming of summer, I want summer, I can't wait for summer, I love all this snow, I love winter but I'm still dreaming of summer, :P  I'm thinking of doing a guest post or an interview or something....

I might do another post later, I think this whole thing counts as rambleing, I have to go do my chores....

I'll try to do another post later, but right now I need to go do my chores, Bye! :D

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Yes, I'm still alive.

In case you were worried I wasn't. ;)
I can explain why I havn't posted since Christmas Eve, My parents where getting ready for there trip, they actually left a feew days ago, so we've been pretty busy....
And I've been spending my free time surrounded by Legos and writing. :D
Aaand you may  have noticed my new design?
*sigh* Yes I know, I'm always re-designing my blog, but you really can't blame me, It's a lot of fun! :D

Also, one of the biggest reasons I havn't posted is because I've been having a hard time coming up with posts, like Writer's Block, only with blogging, its Blogger's Block. -_-
You guy's posts are always so awesome and creative! I love all your blogs! :D I just wish I could even do half as good a job as you all do! 
Have you ever had Blogger's Block?
If so, what did you do?