Friday, January 30, 2015

Path of Light Part #2

Emerald sat up a little straighter one her horse as she rode into the peaceful village, smiling at anyone who passed by, She took a deep breath of sweet spring air, In just one month, she was to be crowned Queen, was she supposed to be excited? She didn't know, was she supposed to be happy? She had no idea, was she supposed to be calm and confident? She hoped not.

"And don't let me ever, ever! Catch you sneaking into the woods and neglecting your duties again!" A shrill voice commanded, "Yes...M'lady A small voice said in an annoyed tone. As Emerald rode closer, she saw a tall girl who looked a little younger than herself sigh and walk into the barn behind her.
Emerald silently dismonted her horse and crept into the barn, "You should be grateful, I put up with her so you can live in this nice stable!" the girl scolded her horse, Emerald crept closer, ducking behind another stall,  The girl looked a little younger than herself, long brown hair hung in a braid down her back, a few short wisps partially covered her sky blue eyes, She stroked her beautiful black steed lovingly, "Nice horse" Emerald said, stepping closer, the girl jumped, "Your Majesty!" She exclaimed, She hastily attempted to curtsey but tripped over her skirt and fell on her hands and knees and the stable floor, Emerald tried to hide her giggles as she offered her hand and helped the girl up, "You can call me Emerald, whats your name?" The princess said with a smile, The nervous girl relaxed a bit, "Elya" She said, "What happened back there?" Emerald wondered, motioning to the barn door, Elya sighed, "I work for lady Elena, I get paid a little and me and Tornado get to live in this old barn"
"You mean, 'This nice stable'" Emerald teased, Elya laughed. Emerald stepped closer to Tornado to stroke his ears. "He's a beautiful horse, where'd you get him?" She asked softly. "He belonged to my father" Elya said and looked down at the floor,
That tone, that face, Emerald suddenly understood. "And your father's dead isn't he?" Emerald asked gently. Elya nodded and closed her eyes. "My mother to" She whispered.
Emerald put a hand on Elya's shoulder,"It's ok Elya, I know exactly, what your feeling right now" She said. Elya wiped away a tear and turned back toward her horse, stroking his mane and trying to hide her face.
"Elya!" A voice called, Elya sighed, "Excuse me" She said and started toward the door, "No" Emerald grabbed her arm. "Excuse me." She said. Elya gave her a confused look. Emerald just smiled and descended out into the yard.

A little while later, Emerald hurried back into the barn. "Elya, I have good news and bad news, the good news is, Your coming back to the castle with me! The bad news is, you'll never see Lady Elena again" She said. Elya giggled, "I would much rather be your servant in a castle than spend one more day with her" She replied,  "Elya, your not going to be a servant! Lets just be friends instead, its less complicated" She said. "Maybe for you, but I've never had any friends..." She said. "I just changed that" Emerald replied with a twinkle in her eyes.


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