Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hi guys!
Its Christmas Eve! probably already knew that.
I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas!
But during all the fun, presents, food, and excitement, let's not forget why we celebrate CHRISTmas! :D

We celebrate CHRISTmas becuase its the day Jesus was born! Because God sent His son for us! :D 
Merry CHRISTMAS everybody! 
All pictures made by me. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

This. Is. Going. To. Be. The. Wierdest. Randomest. Post. In. The. History. Of. Blog. Posts.

Goooooooood morning!
I woke up really early this morning and drank a big cup a' coffee.
And the caffeine took over half my brain,
I know have a crazy side, and a slightly normal side.
Just pretend she's not there, that's what I do.
Nothing, nothing....*sigh*
Ok misses suspicious suspiciousy pants! 
Would you just be quiet and let me write my blog post?
(If you hadn't guessed it yet, my crazy side is the one writing in pink font)
Be quiet!
Go away! 
I can't! I'm you and your me!
Well that's true, ok, how about quietly and let me write my blog post?
I really don't like you.
If you love me...then can you please be and stop taking over my blog?
No, because I don't like you. 
But I thought.....
What's the point of a BLOG anyway? You just write and add pictures and stuff and then people stare at it and-
But I'm you! And this your blog, so that would make it MY BLOG TO!!
Oh great....
It is great isn't it?
No, it's horrible.
Hi everyone and welcome to MY blog! I'll be writing about bunnies playing tennis, drinking coffee in outer space and- 
NO! You won't be posting ANYTHING!
To late cuz I'm gonna post this!
I'm sorry about my crazy side, she's so RUDE!
Have a great day everyone! I'll try to do another post once my crazy caffeine side wears off.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

12 days till Christmas!

Hey guys!
You probably didn't know this....
12 days till Christmas!
So here's some
Christmas Photography

That's just a few of the pictures I took...:) 
Have a great evening!
And sorry for the super short post...*blushes*
I had something else planned, but it didn't work out, sorry guys!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Just popping in...

Hey Guys, just popping in for a moment to tell you all there's not going to be a new LLL (Love Laugh Lego), sorry.
Do you all think I should continue LLL? So far it hasn't been going very well, I mean, building stuff is really fun, but no one can ever tell what the thing I built is! But I did just start a few weeks you think I should continue?

BTW sorry for the super short post, but I have a fun post planned for tommorow! :D

Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Photography Photo Tag!

Ellie awarded me the Photography Photo Tag! Thnx Ellie!

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Include 7-10 pictures you took.
4. Tag 5-10 people
5. (Note; this is the most important rule!) Have fun! :D

Questions and Answers.
1. What is your favorite topic to take pictures of?
Sooo many things! Nature, legos, random things...:D
2. What is your favorite pattern?
I love stripes, swirls, abstract, pretty much anything. :D Except I don't do animal prints. yick. 
3.Zoomed up pictures or far away?
4. If you could go anywhere in the world to take pictures of, where would it be?
Oooohh, that's hard, but probably somewhere pretty with a lot of nature, an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean maybe. :)
5. Are most of your pictures included with a person or an object?
6. Do you edit a lot of your pictures or just keep them the same?
The same. 
7. Do you consider your pictures better than google wallpapers?
Well, I might rather use a picture I took myself as my wallpaper instead of a picture of the interent, but my pictures arn't exactly proffessional. 
8. What is your favorite picture you have took?
That's hard, but one of my favorite's is this one!

9. Out of the following list which do you think you can snap pictures most of?
Nature, life. anywhere you go, random things in your house, or animals?
Hmm...Nature and random things in my house. :)
10. Edited pictures or collages?
11. Do you take pictures of animals, nature, ect. More than selfies?
Yep, I barely take selfies. 
12. Favorite place to take pictures?
Outside! :D
I love this picture. 

 Ignore those legs in the corner...

There's 10 pictures all taken by me! 

I tag: 

That was really fun! Thanks again Ellie! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Live Laugh Lego 2#!

Iiiiiiits Friday! So that means...
But first....
Let me reveal what last week's pic was....
It was....
It was....
Oh the suspense! 
It was..........................

Lego hot cocoa!!!!!
and now for this weeks creation!

Theme: Cool Gadgets. 

Have fun and guess away!!! :D

Happy International Ninja Day!

Hey everyone!
Its December 5th.
And that means...
Ninja Day!

What  do you think about ninja day?
Better question, what do you think about ninjas?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Winter Wasteland Tag.

Ellie has nominated me for The Winter Wasteland Tag! Thanks Ellie!
Do you ever just get so bored in the winter you can't sit still and your running around the house or simply staring at the computer screen with nothing to do?
Yes, you probably do.
(Psst...check out Julia's blog here!)
Here's what you can do when winter boredom attacks.
* Have a conversation with a character from a story you wrote or from a book you read! I know THT sounds a little weird, but it can actually be pretty fun!
* Curl up with a book.
* Can't find a good book? (If thats even possible) Write one!
* Take pictures!
* experiment in the kitchen! Create a new kind of coffee or hot cocoa or something!
* Read your Bible.
* get creative and make something! Whether its out of Legos, something you drew, anything!
* Go outside and try snowboarding! (If you have a snowboard)
* Call a friend. :D
* Listen to some music!
* Write a blog post!

Hope this will help when you get winter boredom! :P

I nominate:
Julia (Am I allowed to nominate you for your own tag?)
Wow! That was fun! :D
have a great day everybody!