Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Path of Light Part #1 (Updated!)

Elya ducked as a flying dagger whizzed passed her and impaled the tree behind her, “That was close!” She thought, the young peasant girl ran through the forest, she was being followed, and she knew it, “What did I do this time? Why am I being chased?” She wondered with a sigh, Elya kept running until a comforting whinny called her, “Tornado!” Sue exclaimed with a sigh of relief. She ran towards the beautiful black stallion waiting for her at the edge of the woods,  “Perfect timing, c’mon boy, lets get out of here!” Elya cried, mounting her horse, she could hear the footsteps of her pursuers close behind her, “Run, Tornado, run!” She screamed. The horse took of across the grassy field, Elya clutched his sleek black mane and leaned into his neck, “Hurry!” Elya urged. She glanced behind her, they had lost there purusers, but not for long.
They reached a stream, without hesitation, Tornado leaped over it.
Once they were on the other side, Elya smiled, “Great job Tornado, you saved me!” She said, stroking her horsed neck, Torando snorted in return, Elya laughed as she slid of her horse and lead him back to the village,
As they neared home, Elya’s smile faded, “I’m going to be in big trouble” She sighed.
Elya had only meant to go for a short walk to get some time to herself, she seldom got away from the village, and when she did, it was only for a short time. And people would hardly notice she was gone.
But today she had been away for to long, it wasn’t her fault she was chased down and almost killed! But it wasn’t going to be easy to explain that…

Elya tried to hide behind her large steed as she walked through the village to the stables, where her precious horse was kept, 

Elya gently brushed Tornado’s blackish gray coat, whispering softly to him, “Elya!” A shrill voice demanded, Elya sighed. “Elya!” a younger voice called, Elya stepped out of the stables and into the open, “Yes?” She called back, “Where where you?” The owner of the stern, shrill voice stormed towards her, followed by a younger girl.
Elya bravely stepped forward, “I…I’m sorry…Ma’am-“ “Mistress!” the woman corrected, Elya stared at the ground, “I’m sorry..Mistress..I was in the forest, and I…” A hand flew towards her face and striked her hard, “I don’t care what you were doing in the forest, If I ever catch you slipping away and neglecting your dutys, there will  be consequences!” She said, she slapped Elya again and stormed off toward one of the largest houses in the village, where Elya worked as a servant to earn enough money to buy food for her horse and herself.


So? What did you think of the first part if my story?
Do you want more? 

I might post more later, but not today, My parents are coming home today! :D There coming home early, but for a sad reason... ;( You can read about it on my mom's blog here

Bye everyone and have a awesome day!


  1. Please post more! ^.^ It's so good!

    xoxo Morning

  2. Thank you!!!! I promise to post more. I'm glad you like it! :D

  3. Awesome!!!! When are you going to do more? :D


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