Monday, January 12, 2015

Interview with Sarah Margaret!

Hi guys! Sarah from Trusting in The Lord Day by Day has agreed to let me interview her!

Hello there! I'm Sarah from Trusting in the Lord day by day. :D You  can read more about me there! Thanks for having me, Hannah! :D
1. What is your dream?
As in a dream I had? Or something I'd like to do in the future? Well, I don't dream so, I'd like to be published among other things!
2. Gummy bears or Jelly beans?
Jelly beans!!
3. What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Hmm..I'm not too crazy like that, but...
4. Would you rather explore castle ruins, or go on a relaxing vacation?
Well, if I were with lots of people I could explore the ruins of a castle, but if I wasn't I'd go on the relaxing vacation. ;) 
5. Do you know any other languages beside's English?
I know a good amount of sign language
6. What is your dream pet?
A chocolate lab!! 
7. If you got stranded on an island and could choose one person to be stranded with, who would it be?
Hmm..someone who is funny..calm..prepared..hey, can I bring myself? ;) Hmm, probably my Dad, he's pretty calm and prepared.
8. Who's your favorite author?
Laura Ingalls Wilder! I've read her books a thousand times! :D 
9. If you could time travel, but only once, ever, where would you go and why?
Oh my, oh my, oh my, I don't really know! 
10. Your walking through the forest and you trip over something, which happens to be the handle to a secret door in the ground, do you open the door and explore what's inside, or do you go one and pretend it never happened?
I'd have to explore it! After I got someone to go with me... ;) I couldn't live knowing I didn't go in!
11. Do you prefer reading books, or writing them?
Uhh, both!
12. If your lost and starving, and all you have to eat is worms, snails, or sticks, which do you choose? Or, would you rather just starve to death?
Oh, that's horrible! I'd...perhaps cook some snails and sticks if I could..that's bad. escargot anyone? 
13. Swim or climb?
Hmm, climb because you can take breaks and rest somewhere.
14. Would you rather go horseback riding on the beach, or skydiving?
Horseback riding on the beach, totally! :D 

Those were really fun questions Hannah! Those were extremely fun questions. :) 

I'm glad you liked the questions Sarah! And thanks for letting me interview you, it was a lot of fun. :D


  1. Thanks so much Hannah! Those questions were seriously awesome! :D

    1. Your welcome Sarah!
      Thanks, I had fun coming up with them. :D

  2. This was so fun! Loved you answer Sarah! And Hannah I loved your questions!


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