Thursday, March 19, 2015


Do you believe in dragons?

A lot of people don't, some people believe they lived with dinosaurs or in medieval times, and some people, like me and my sister.
wonder if they're still out there....

I mean, the Bible never said God didn't create dragons, of course, it didn't say He did, but still! I don't see a reason why dragons couldn't exist!

P.S I'm not trying to start arguements, this is just my opinion. :)


  1. hm, I never thought about it that's kind of strange because dinosaurs/dragons could have been before the flood, but maybe God decided not to put them on the ark..hmm.. I never really thought about that before. It would make sense that the dinosaurs were before the flood, because there have been bones found all over from them. hmm, I never really thought about it before. :)

  2. I think that dragons were alive and maybe are still alive if they survived the flood. They probably were on the ark ...maybe? But anyways one of my favorite book series is Dragons In Our Mist. It is a really cool series. One more thing I am homeschooled too.Love, Chloe p.s. have you read the Dragons In Our Mist series?

    1. I think so to! I've never read Dragons in Our Mist, but my sister has and she told me I should read it! :D


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