Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy International Ninja Day!

Hey everyone!
Its December 5th.
And that means...
Ninja Day!

What  do you think about ninja day?
Better question, what do you think about ninjas?


  1. Hey Hannah I think ninjas are cool! I mean there cool kicks and tricks!!! I really like ninjago!!-lizzy

  2. I LOVE NINJAS! Better yet, I LOVE NINJAGO! No seriously I used to be like...."yeah ninjago's seems pretty cool but I don't see why my brother is so mesmerized by it...."

    Well he got me watching season 4 (the first six episodes were posted on and I EXPLODED under the pressure of ONE HUNDRED PERCENT PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!


    LOL sorry for all caps. Ninjago. Is. Awesomeness. I only know two girls who like it (you and another girl online). It is did you know they're coming out with Skyler the yellow Ninja (light) this year and she's a GIRL?! Not kidding!


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