Tuesday, October 6, 2015

*Photography * Things I like #2*

I'd like to apoligize for once again failing to do a tutorial, I wanted to, but I had nothing to film with, I'm still learning to do videos with my camera, I'll do a tutorial as soon as I can. Please forgive me. ;) 

Hey guys! Hope your having a great afternoon! I thought I'd share some recent photography with you all! 

 I'd also like to share more Pinterest stuff that I find rather interesting, funny, and awesome. ;)

 Ummm, yeah.
 This. Is. The. Strangest. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Read.

 Its not winter yet, but still.

 I LOVE this hairstyle! I need to get someone to do this in my hair.

I LOVE this skirt!

I would so do this with my best friend. Lol! 

So this post was a bit random, but I hope you enjoyed it, because I did. :) 

Have an awesome day! 


  1. Love this post! :)

    Allie D.

  2. Your pictures are awesome and the pintrest ones are halarias! =D


    1. Aw thanks Mikayla! Lol, I know right?

  3. I love this! The first pictures is gorgeous and yes, I could SO see myself doing the last pic with my friends. ;)

    1. Thanks Maddy! I've been a bit obsessed with taking photos of that key. Lol! yep. ;)


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