Saturday, September 26, 2015

Check out Mary's giveaway!

 Just popping in to tell you all that Mary over at All Things Old Fashioned is having a giveaway! click on the link to learn more about it! :D

Have an awesome day!


  1. Hey Hannah! I was going to ask you if you could check your email. I've sent you a couple of important emails about our blog. Thanks! Could you also please reply to them to so I know you got them! Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Bernie! I'll do that, thanks for letting me know. Sorry I've been so behind in the whole blog lately. I'll try to stick to it better :)

    2. That's fine. Also, did you see the email about the emailing groups?

    3. No, but I think that's just because of which computer I'm on right now. I'll get on the other computer as soon as I can and look at it.

    4. Okay! Also, I wanted to remind you it's your day to post. I'm helping Maddy and now I'm going to be reminding everyone to post. I'm excited for your post! :)


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