Tuesday, November 18, 2014


It's snowing like crazy here! It's AWESOME! No serioously, I don't understand people who don't like snow...:P Everytime someone says "It's crazy!" When they look outside I think "crazy awesome!"
Ok, maybe its kind of crazy...
But really pretty!
And cold...
And it makes it hard to drive...
But I don't really drive...
I'm 12...
Maybe by the time I can drive I might like snow less...
I dunno.
But right now I just LOVE it!
So of course I took pictures!
 I really like this picture for some reason.
 Ice cicles...☻
 This is what our back deck looks like right now.

Wow, I just wrote a whole post about how much I love snow...
So, do you like snow? or not?
It's ok, I won't judge you if you don't.

                                                     PS ^ this is my new signature! :D


  1. Hi Hannah yeah wow there is I hole bunch of snow here too!! I love snow. Oh yeah love your new banner!-lizzy

    1. Hi Lizzy wow! Great I'm glad someone aggrees with me about snow! Thanks! :D

  2. I love snow! I'm not a huge fan of winter though. My ideal winter would be two weeks long of snow and the leafs off where my dad would have to stay home from work and we'd all have an awesome time. =D
    I nominated you for a blog award! http://thebubblegumballerina.blogspot.com/2014/11/awardrandom-photosnormal-for-my-posts.html =)

    1. I'm a fan of winter! haha. that does sound awesome, but I still love winter the way it is.
      Thanks! I'll check it out. :D

  3. Eh, snow itself isn't horrible...it is just how looonnngggg it stays! :P I do like snow at times. Right now I'm trying to get used to it, but I think in a bit, I'll enjoy it more. I actually just came in from playing in the snow. :) Have you been playing too?

  4. I don't mind snow, it's the danger of going out places then getting cabin fever.. ;) I like playing in it sometimes though. :)

    1. I know what you mean! Yeah, I do to. :)

  5. I wish it would snow here during the "artic freeze". TONS of cold fronts.

  6. I LOVE SNOW! We got a little snow this week, but not enough to sled on. I was freaking out though cause it never snows before Christmas around where I live.

    1. Yay! you love snow to!! we got TONS of snow here! and ice! its crazy! (crazzy awesome) ;)


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