Sunday, November 16, 2014

Post ideas?

What would YOU like to see more posts about on my blog?
Please be honest.
* Photography?
* LEGO related stuff?
* Videos?
* Writing?
* Everyday life?
* Funny posts?
* None of the above?

What do YOU want to see more of? Your opinion matters! ;)


  1. well hannah to be honest i like it wenever you post enything! your blog posts are allways exiting and creative!. cant WAIT untill more posts!-lizzy

  2. I like everyday posts, and funny posts. But, maybe you could put a twist on the funny post and add some funny things that happened to you! I'd like that. :) You could also start a new series on your blog. Something like, "You know you are a sister when...". I don't know! :D

    1. Haha! Thanks for the ideas Julia! ☻ I'll try to do more everday posts since people seem to like those. :=)

  3. everyday posts are always entertaining, but your blog is so creative and nice!

  4. Well, I enjoy your everyday life posts! They are so awesome (and random) I find that I enjoy knowing what you are up to. You could do some sort of series where you could have a goal of something to accomplish during the week, month, ect. something like that. :) Like even if it was, making something for Christmas, or helping someone, or building something out of Legos then posting pics, ect. I love your blog, just keep posting! :)

  5. Ohh, photography, writing and everyday life. But I really love anything you post about, your blog is so much fun! =D What kind of videos were you thinking of posting? =D

    1. ^_^ Thanks Mikayla!!!
      I was thinking of maybe doing music videos? I don't know yet..


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