Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wanna make a character? :)

Sup peeps! :)

So...yeah, wanna make a character for my story witch I might post on here? :) 
Anything else you want to add, (Nicknames, pets, past. anything!) 

One of the reasons I'm doing this Is because when you have different people with different lives and different personalities ,make characters for your story it makes it more interesting! You know what I mean? 

Oh yeah, and if any of you are good at making guy characters (I'm not really) It would be tottally awesome if you could make a guy character! If you want to. 

So, my story isn't in a long-ago time period or anything. but it has some fantasy stuff in it.  

And if I post my story on here you don't have do worry about what I'm doing to your character behind your back, :P and you  can tell me if you don't like what i'm making your character do, and stuff like that. ;)

Keep being awesome! 


  1. I already made one! Or, was that for another story? Have you already written some of it? :)
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

    1. Wow!! You have 6 followers now!! Keep up the good work, Hannah! :)

    2. You don't have to make a character if youb don't want to, I wrote some of my story!


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