Sunday, August 31, 2014

Time for a new post?

Hey everyone! I know I know, I haven't posted in over a week. *facepalm* But I've been busy..Summer is coming to an end...:( But look on the bright side! Fall is pretty great to! :) besides school..;)
anyway...if you read my mom's blog you might know that my parents are going to Latvia (A year ago or so I didn't know that was a country!! :P) And they'll be in Latvia for a whole month...:( But on the bright side (looking on da bright side again :)..) I get 2 new sisters!!!

Random pic I took earlier this summer..
Ninja picture I made :D I ♥ Ninjas!!!!!!!!!!1
Ninja pic for my sis :) 
another ninja pic I made for my bro. 

Well that's it for now! 
 Happy Labor Day everybody! (Tomorrow) ;) 


  1. Happy Labor Day to you too! :)

    PS- Are you the one who won my giveaway? Did you get the prize yet? Thanks.

    1. Thanks! :) And yes, I'm the person who one yur giveaway. I got my prize several days ago :) Thank you!! :)


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