Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer photography | Frivolous thoughts.

Hi everyone! Hope your all having a wonderful day! (By the way, my giveaway ends tommorow at midnight! If you havn't already entered, click here! )

I recently started working on a story I gave up on back in January. Best idea ever! :P Inspiration came in floods and practically drowned me. ;) And since I missed my characters so much and I'm so happy to be writing about them I'm less likely to kill anyone off this time. ;) But anyway, It was more like a sequal actually, taking place 2 years after the previous story.

Thank you for taking your time and patience to listen to my ramblings. I appreciate it. :)


  1. Loovee the first photo! <3 Also, LOVE those bracelets. :D Have you worn the paper bead necklace I gave you yet? :D Can't wait to see you soon! <3

  2. Awesome photos, Hannah! I love the third from the last. =D Ohh, writing stories is always fun! =D


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