Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The LG Award!!

Madison  nominated me the LG Award!
Here are her questions and my answers! :)
Question 1: How long have you been blogging?
Since March 15 2014! 
Question 2: What’s your favorite color?
Blue!! I also like green and pink and purple! 
Question 3: Do you sew?
Question 4: How many AG dolls do you have?
One, Emily, who's retired now. :( 
Question 5: How many awards have you received?
I don't know! 
Question 6: Do you like Delightful World of Dolls? ;)
No, I don't like it..I love it!!!
Question 7: Did you like this award?+
Thanks Madison for nominateing me!! 
I nominate: 
Mikayla H. and Sarah!

Here are my questions for them!

1. Would you rather sleep in a cave or a forest?
2. Letters or Email?
3. are you alergic to anything?
4. can you write backwards?
5. what is your favorite tv show?
6. what's your favorite place in the whole world?
7. cake or ice cream?

Thanks again Madison for nominating me! :D 
Have a nice evening everybody! 


  1. Thanks for the nomantion Hannah, I'll try and do that ASAP. =D

  2. Thanks for awarding me! Do, we just answer the same questions? Thanks! :D

    1. *facepalm* I knew I forgot something! Ok, I'll add you and Mikayla's questions to the post. then you can answer them

    2. Question one how long have you been blogging...
      I don't have a blog
      Question two whats your favorite color
      Blue peenk purple and green
      Question three are you alergec to eny thing
      I'm not sure
      Question fore cane you rite back word
      I don't know
      Question five what your favorite TV show
      Hmm I don't know that one ether
      Question six what's your faverit place in the hole world
      Hmm I'm not shut I haven't Ben to that many place's
      Question seven cake or ice cream?
      Ice cream.-Lizzy (:

  3. Hi lizzy!
    Wait, what account are you using??
    I'm confused... :/
    I'm very confused.... :/:/:/
    :/ - this is my confused face -> :/

    1. Are you using your dads or something?


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